Oh yum yum yum…perfect…mmmm…mmmm….can’t talk….snarfing cookies…

Well, as you can guess, I really liked how these turned out:

I baked them so they’d be on the crispier side, and even tho the homemade toffee chips I used melted mostly away, they were EXACTLY what I was looking for.  I don’t have a sweet tooth, but wow these were sooo good, can’t eat just one.  Oy Oy!!!

What Fun! 

What Fun!

Every sewist has a bag or two or ten of little scraps of fabric from all those sewing projects…that we of course cannot bear to part with, being the thrifty creatures we are.  This is a really fun and cute project that can make use of those lovely bits and pieces. 

(I learned about this from one of my favorite newsletters, Sewing it up from All Free Sewing – sign up here: )

Never thought I’d see the day…

…that I would use a bread machine. Well! I tried the machine I borrowed from my brother. Surprise, surprise! The first experiment came out pretty well. I made a buttermilk whole-wheat mix loaf and while it turned into the biga that ate Manhattan, it settled into a pretty nice loaf of soft sandwich bread. (As long as you ignore the deformed top crust ha ha.)

DH says he detected a hint of bitterness, so next time I’ll try the orange juice trick to offset the potential bitterness of the whole wheat bran. I’m also going to try just using the machine to create dough, then bake in the oven in my shiny new Pullman pan. (LOVE it…see link to the right!)
Also, FYI see my tips and hints page for what I did to clean the machine prior to using.


Well the loaf looks GREAT, but it seems a little heavy. I tweaked the recipe (again) so we’ll have to see. Used my new Pullman pan again. Hint: use a bit of shortening to coat the pan, and parchment paper and shortening under the lid. Works perfectly. In other news, I’ve borrowed my brother’s bread machine to see if it’s worth using one to knead dough even if you don’t bake it in the machine. (saw that on another blog…)

The Next Experiment

Ok, starter has been fed, wheat & rye berries soaked and sprouting. Will attempt to make Sprouted Sourdough, a la Alvarado Street Bakeries’ delicious product. Besides, before I go back to the quest for homemade “balloon” bread haha, have to use up the wheat berries!


Well, the pan works just BEAUTIFULLY!! I will be making more loaves with it. I like it so much I added a link to my page here, but not sure if I have it working right.

The Hmmm… of today’s post refers to the bread we baked in the new Pullman pan. It tastes fantastic, makes EXQUISITE toast, but isn’t the softer type bread I was aiming for. Well, we’ll just have to try again. Have pics but will have to post later.